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Since our initial foray into real estate in 2002, we have built a sizable portfolio of outperforming real estate assets, focusing primarily on New York City, New Jersey and Florida multi-family and mixed-use properties.

We apply a disciplined method to our investing and focus primarily on the numbers, employing a conservative and cautious approach in all the deals we do. Because we have been involved in over 600 transactions as either investors or lenders, we have cultivated an extensive network of deal sources that has provided us with superior investment opportunities in otherwise ultra-competitive markets. We see hundreds of deal opportunities monthly through our investment and lending channels which gives us pinpoint and precise market data and a realtime pulse on the markets in which we invest. Our firm applies rigorous due diligence procedures and quantitative research prior to all investment decisions. We invest a significant percentage of the equity stack into each deal to fully align our interests with those of our co-investors. We manage the entire re-positioning process from the acquisition phase through construction and ultimately with the management of each property to maximize our returns and keep a tight handle on all our investments.

We purchase properties with long term investment objectives and manage them accordingly with a "no shortcut" approach in our rehab, development and management decision processes. We take pride in the assets that we own and manage our properties as if we lived in them. 


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