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Yellow Jacket Ventures LLC is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm located in Brooklyn, NY. We have two primary business divisions, a bridge lending division and a real estate development and management division. 

Our lending group strategically identifies superior real-estate-backed lending opportunities and lends our own capital alongside that of our investors and strategic partners. 

Our real estate development and management business leverages our extensive network of real estate professionals including brokers, banks and investors to identify unique real estate investment opportunities in the multi-family and mixed-use space. We acquire properties with value-add upside that is linear and has minimal dependencies in order to maximize returns and minimize risk. We oversee every stage of the acquisition, development and management process which minimizes costs and execution risk and maximizes oversight and control of each project. 

The synergy of our two business divisions puts us in a unique position as a lender and investor, giving us a real time pulse on the markets that we operate in which helps minimize our risk.

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