Yellow Jacket Ventures is a direct private lender that provides short-term bridge loans secured by first-mortgages on real estate in the Tri-State area. Our typical loans are made in situations where conventional banks do not provide financing, either because the collateral property is not cash-flowing or needs extensive construction or in circumstances where a transaction needs to close within a tight time frame leaving insufficient time for conventional banks to close the loan.


We stand apart from many other bridge lenders because:

  • We provide loans from as low as $100,000 to as high as $20,000,000.

  • We offer low and fully transparent fees, which typically consist of at most a few points and no hidden costs.

  • We have complete control over our capital enabling us to close seamlessly and to provide creative and flexible financing options at favorable terms.

  • Because we own many properties in the tri-state area and run a fully-integrated real estate company, we can react to a request to fund quickly, typically within 1-3 business days of receipt of a title report.

  • We do not require lengthy applications or appraisals.

  • Our terms are flexible and vary from a minimum of six months to three years, with renewal options available.

  • We loan on all property types (that are not owner-occupied), with an emphasis on multifamily and mixed-use properties.

  • We provide construction loans.